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Watching the House of Commons ‘debates’ tonight – in reality, a bland series of self-promoting monologues like it always is – one could be forgiven for thinking that these earnest servants of the public were sincere, and that their frustrations with being kept away from the process were genuine and warranted. Nothing could be further … Read more

While preparing for our upcoming meeting, I’ve been reading back through recent news items and conversations. Former leader Nigel Farage, whose lack of interest in UKIP has been conspicuous since we won his referendum, has again been critical of incumbent leader Gerard Batten – this time on the principle that Mr Farage dislikes Mr Batten’s … Read more

As I write this, President Donald J. Trump is visiting the United Kingdom. His skill at dragging the collective media into chaos and leaving it there without a map is clearly as effective here as it has been for the past three years across the US itself. He teased the UK Government with a Free … Read more

Good evening, Manchester. Two months ago this branch received a message expressing concern with our use of the Manchester Bee as part of its logo. The sender, while somewhat impolite, did raise some interesting questions which we’ve been meaning to address – and today’s commemorations served as a powerful reminder. As many of you will know, … Read more

Last weekend, we were made aware of the death of Kalvin P. Chapman. Kalvin worked with UKIP in numerous capacities, but members of this branch knew him best as Secretary – the role in which I first met him, only a year ago – and then as Chairman of UKIP Manchester. In the time we … Read more

UKIP is about to elect a new leader. Whoever is elected as the new leader of the Party, UKIP Manchester will be looking forward to working under the new leadership team.  Up to this date, the UKIP Manchester branch has voted to refrain from supporting or endorsing a particular candidate until all leadership nominations have … Read more

At UKIP Manchester we are very proud of the campaign we ran for the EU Referendum held on 23 June 2016.  We are also proud of the positive campaign we ran in Manchester, along with the coming together of members of all parties – and those with no party membership status – who joined hands … Read more

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