At UKIP Manchester we are very proud of the campaign we ran for the EU Referendum held on 23 June 2016.  We are also proud of the positive campaign we ran in Manchester, along with the coming together of members of all parties – and those with no party membership status – who joined hands in force to achieve a greater goal than party politics.

UKIP Manchester members were out on the streets of Manchester four months before the election with a stall held every Saturday on Market Street in the City Centre.  The Remain campaign made an appearance just two weeks before Referendum Day which just showed the lack of support they had.  The campaigning was done in a well-mannered and respectful manner form all those involved in the Leave campaign; unfortunately though many of our activists were threatened, shouted at, and even spat on throughout the campaign – but this did not stop the Brexiteers!  The Remain campaigners even refused to shake the hands of Brexit campaigners which just went towards highlighting the negative and nasty characteristics of the Remain campaign.

The Brexit campaign was won through honest, academic arguments backed by hard data.  Do not let the mass media spin this otherwise.  The Remain argument was based on threats, fear and scaremongering.  Not one of these ‘warnings’ from the establishment politicians, big business leaders or corporate paid ‘experts’ have come to bear – the People’s Army won the day!

UKIP now have to be the voice of Brexit to ensure that BREXIT MEANS BREXIT with no concessions on free movement of people and no Brexit-light.