As an example, a well-established UKIP branch in Bolton has five councillors and they expect to have even more by the 2020 General Election.  UKIP Manchester can replicate this success, but we can only do this if we have your support and involvement!

We are happy for people who are interested in UKIP to come along to meetings and to then join the Party and become an active member of the branch.  If you are unable to attend branch meetings and actively campaign, then please donate money to the branch to help us fight upcoming elections.  You can find the ‘donate’ button on the website.

Please read the donation page carefully.  You can donate up to £249 without telling us who you are.  However, £250 or more would need to be included in returns to the electoral commission and the commission would make your name available to anyone looking at who has donated.  We would be absolutely thrilled to receive a donation of greater than £250, but you must ensure that you are happy to have your name made public.  These are the rules of the Electoral Commission.