By Kalvin P Chapman
Former UKIP Manchester Chairman

There are three things in life.  (1) the discussions at work (2) the discussions in the pub and (3) the discussions on Twitter.  Most are not the same.

This typifies Remainiacs to me (top Tweet).  This is a chap many know on Twitter called “Virtue Signaller”.  he’s an obnoxious tw*t that really looks down on anyone who disagrees with him.  He and his ilk are often quite amusing.

On New Year’s Eve Owen Jones made a series of tweets that were really insightful.

What Owen Jones was talking about, of course, is the pathetic Lord Adonis resignation[1].  In 1994 he was a Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, but he resigned 18 months later (election was in 1997).  He joined Labour.  He was selected to stand in the St George’s Ward for Islington London Borough Council in 1998. He withdrew from the process before the election, however, upon being offered a position in the Number 10 Policy Unit as a constitutional and educational policy advisor in 1997. He remained in this role until 2001, when he was promoted to become Head of the Policy Unit.

He never made it as a politician.  He was then given a life peerage and appeared in the House of Lords from 2005.

This never elected man has thrown a big spasm of a tantrum, dummy throwing over Brexit.  His resignation speech is simply breath-taking in its arrogance and stupidity[2].  He even went so far as to go on radio and say that Nigel Farage is the PM[3].  In his resignation speech he says:

“…The European Union Withdrawal Bill is the worst legislation of my lifetime…. Brexit is a dangerous populist and nationalist spasm worthy of Donald Trump. After the narrow referendum vote for an undefined proposition to ‘leave the EU,’ it could have been attempted without rupturing our essential European trade and political relations. However, by becoming the voice of UKIP and the extreme nationalist right-wing of your party, you have taken a different course, for which you have no parliamentary or popular mandate.”

“No parliamentary or popular mandate”?  This from a man that has never been elected who will try his hardest to defeat democracy and the will of the people to hand power over the UK to another unelected president (of the EU) is accusing the PM, who won an election just six months ago, of having no parliamentary or popular mandate?  The hypocrisy burns. Someone then put out a tweet on 31 December 2017 saying that Adonis made his decision to quit the Government whilst sitting in church in some ski resort in Austria.  Enter Owen Jones with his statement that this (the place of Adonis’ great realisation that he is the saviour of Remainiacs) is far too typical of middle class Remainers and would play badly to the people in the North.  This led to the twitter comments seen.  This is why I love Owen, and would marry him in a heary-beat, despite that he is a raging lefty.

What I would say, though, is what the Remainiacs are lacking is a popular figure to stand behind, as set out by Owen.  The leader of Labour is obviously anti-EU, though he suggests denial of this, it is obvious to anyone with a keyboard and access to the internet that he has always hated the EU.  The former leader of the LibDems had no relevancy and the one before him even less.  The present leader says his new year’s resolutions are to sleep more.  Other likely contenders are Anna Soubry, a sour faced Conservative who plays out very badly to anyone outside of the London bubble and is a shouty, nasty, hectoring type who could never get people to rally behind her.

What the Remainiacs lack is anyone credible to marshal them.  So without a clear leader and without a clear direction save that they must, thorough all means possible, defeat Brexit, they flounder. And boy, are they good at that.  Queue the tweet in which someone informs Owen that the “vast majority” of people are in favour of remain[4].  But that simply is not true.  I tweeted him a link to the YouGov polls[5], all of which have shown the majority, and in many cases, the vast majority support Leave.  I also sent him a link to my YouTube video summarising it[6]. Needless to say, he ignored it, though I am surprised I did not get called racist before being blocked!!

Not only does Remain have the failure that there is no charismatic natural & credible leader of the movement, but they also suffer from the failure that so many of them are just absolute arrogant tw*ts that live in their own world, wrapped in a bubble where no outsiders can penetrate.  Speak to most Leavers with a good IQ and you will see people that have many Remainers on their twitter list, who do read the reports and the studies and who were absolutely educated on the subject.  Look at the news media they tweet – it usually is across the board (with the exception of the Independent, which just simply makes things up so much that it cannot be classed as a real media outlet).  Ask any of the arrogant Remainiacs (and that by no means is all of them, I mean the very special cases like Adonis and Soubry and Centrist Dad I quoted – bottom tweet below) and they will tell you that people who voted Leave have low educational levels and are all as thick as mince, usually with no job and a major racism problem.  They hate it when I point out my education and that I am an openly gay man who is the chairman of UKIP Manchester.  They usually then call me racist and block me.  They simply cannot accept or comprehend that anyone with an IQ would think differently to them.  That failure to even comprehend what others think means that they will never be able to climb out of their pits of doom.

And that is the big difference.  For Leave we have the Tory side who have natural leaders like Jacob Rees-Mogg, or the kipper side where we have the likes of Nigel Farage, or the Labour side where we have the likes of Kate Hoey and Graham Stringer.  All of them natural leaders, all of them educated,  passionate & charismatic.  None of them hectoring and shouty, sour faced people like that awful, awful Soubry woman.

Have an argument with a Leaver and you will get opinion and reasoning (even if you do not like that reasoning).  Argue with a Remainiac (again, not all, just these arrogant ones) and you will get barked at then called a racist and then blocked.  There is absolutely no wonder they all believe the majority support Remain – they have all lost arguments, so blocked every Leaver that would have spoken to them.  On their Twitter time-lines there simply is never, ever a counter-voice to their arrogant arguments, because they all blocked any dissenting voices a long time ago.  That’s where we Leavers succeeded.  We do not scream “racist” and block when we lose an argument.  18 months later we still see their arguments, we read their arguments and we debate.  They just talk amongst themselves about how uneducated Leavers are, because they have literally no idea what Leavers think or do.  Say “Leaver” to them and they assume you are talking about Nigel Farage.

By no means are Leavers better than Remainics, but come on!  Look at the tweets I have shared.  The Majority is simply not behind remain, they are behind Leave.  The evidence shows this.  And the more people like Adonis and Centrist dad scream abuse at people who support Leave, the worse they look and the ability to educate people as to what they (Remainiacs) believe and persuade disappears along with the block button.  Remainiacs love the block button, because they cannot cope with knowing they may be wrong.  I am confident and happy in knowing they are wrong – I just do need to resort to petty, vindictive name calling to prove it.  I just await history unfolding.


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