By Kaide Seager
UKIP Manchester Membership Secretary

The British withdrawal from the EU has signalled the resurrection of the British – Commonwealth relationship.

I have spent my entire life – short it may be – campaigning to leave the European Union… Added in with the simple aim to re-engage with the Commonwealth. I will attempt to take you into my British perspective (You really will be surprised) of the EU and our history and Commonwealth.

I grew up being a history starlet, fanatical in my studies of History. Loving it all from Ancient to Modern. My particular favourite was the creation of the idea and concept of a Britain (British Isles united by culture, language, kin).

When I finally reached the landmark post-war 1945. I was horrified – I nearly cried… Britain was broken, our Island was destroyed our people desolate; debt, decline and suffering was synonymous with post-war Britain. .

I discovered how the Commonwealth had laid down their lives, blood and gold to get Britain through the war and beyond.

Particular mention goes to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Newfoundland, South Africa and the Caribbean Islands.

Commonwealth sacrifices are not forgotten

The commonwealth helped us every step of the way. To grow, build and support us post-world war. In a certain historically act of self-suicide, Britain shamefully in 1972 joined the EEC and turned our backs on our kin, our people and our history.

Great Britain is synonymous with the Commonwealth. Our Media, Music, Cultures are intertwined.

With my knowledge of British betrayal of the Commonwealth in favor of EU imperialism I decided at the youthful age of 13 to enter politics.

UKIP – EU referendum

I looked around for a Pan-Commonwealth Party. I came across UKIP (UK’s only Eurosceptic Party) by watching Nigel Farage via youtube, who launched his blitzkrieg attack on the EU. I figured Farage shared my dislike of the European Union.

I visited my local UKIP branch: To my surprise I discovered UKIP was small, old and most of the members was ex-military. They were passionately against the EU and fully supportive of British – Commonwealth relations. (Most fought with Commonwealth during ww2).

At the age of 16 armed with my first bank account I paid for UKIP membership.

Year by year UKIP grew from nothing. Led by the charismatic Nigel Farage. UKIP dragged the political elite into giving us a EU referendum, by being the 1st party in over 100 years to break the political bubble and win a national election in 2014.

Britain Needs Your Help

We need your help. The political elite of Britain along with the big banks are trying to keep us in the EU.

Pressure your local MPs to put pressure on our government to get a quick Commonwealth deal. We want New Zealand Beef, Canadian Nutella and of course we love Australian Beer!

Like in our darkest hour of 1914 and 1939. Britain needs its family and our friends. We need the Commonwealth. There can be no room for complacency, the mission is not over.


We need you, the readers, to help us achieve our final steps of Pan-Commonwealth unification

The Sun Is Rising on the Commonwealth not setting. We have the opportunity to build a successful 21st century. The Commonwealth is a beacon of hope.

I never met or heard of a young Briton who wants to move to Europe. Why? Because we prefer Anglo and English speaking cultures.  I know dozens of people who have moved to the Commonwealth. One of my  teachers moved to Canada, my other teacher moved to Australia. My uncle moved to South Africa. My two friends moved to Hong-Kong. I have three friends touring Australia.

Why should Britons find it next to impossible to move into Canada? Why should Australians be barred from entering their ancestral home?

The dream of unifying the peoples of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. Is just around the corner.  Sign this petition to grant free movement of people between our Nations.