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This website is intended to assist you in finding materials relevant to the UKIP Manchester Branch and to UKIP nationally.  This website will also assist you if you are looking to find out how to contact UKIP Manchester.


You can locate the UKIP Manchester executive team on the "Our People" page.  Candidates will go on there when there are elections on.  This page sets out the UKIP Manchester Chairman (Kalvin), UKIP Manchester Secretary (Rory), UKIP Manchester Treasurer (Mark) and the UKIP Manchester Members' Secretary (Kaide).


UKIP Manchester is the main UKIP branch for people that live within Manchester.  Contact UKIP Manchester to attend one of our branch meetings. Even if you're not in Manchester branch's catchment, we would be happy for you to join us or we can refer you to the right people.


The Chairman of UKIP Manchester is Kalvin P. Chapman.  You can see Kalvin's welcome to you on the UKIP People page.  You can meet each of the executives on there.


UKIP Manchester has not done well in the elections in 2017, and we intend to change things for the better heading into the 2018 Council Elections.  To do this we need your help.  We have an aim of getting our first Manchester Councillor by the 2022 General Election.


UKIP Manchester spent a lot of time campaigning for the EU Referendum and were delighted with the result.  The UK is now leaving the EU as a result (subject, of course, to failures by Theresa May, which looks ever more likely).  We now must ensure that the Conservative Government does not create Brexit Lite.  Labour misled people in the 2017 General Election. First they were for Brexit then against then for and now (October 2017) are against it again.  There is a lot to do.  UKIP has had some significant difficulties, including three leadership contests in a year.  There is much for us to do once we have a new leader and we have a future to aim for.


UKIP Manchester meets once a month, but the team is working constantly.  UKIP Manchester's Chairman is the secretary of UKIP Greater Manchester.  We work with all of the branches in Greater Manchester and we intend making UKIP the second biggest party in the North West, with a view to even greater outcomes.


Contact UKIP Manchester if you have any questions about the UKIP Manchester Branch, how it works or how to help us fight the Manchester City council elections in 2018.


UKIP Oldham West 2015


UKIP Greater Manchester Chair's trip to Brussels




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